To the attention of Bulgarian breeders,
This annoucement is made to those breeders who breed pedigree dogs under the FCI umbrella, but cannot receive certified pedigrees due to the hardship the Bulgarian Kennel Club is going through at the moment. 
The FCI just recently announced that certain neighbour countries are eligible to help the Bulgarian breeders in regards to issueing of pedigrees.
As agreed with the FCI, the Turkish Kennel Club (KIF) we are ready to help out with this temporary situation and will be able to register your dogs until all go back normal in Bulgaria.
In order to register your litters, please fill out the litter registration form and send to us by e-mail. (

Please include scanned images of the pedigrees of the parents of the litter.
If the parents’ pedigrees are written with cyrillic alphabet, the breeder should write it with latin alphabet letters.
Also, please include scan parents’ titles and health reports if you want them listed in the pedigree.
The price for issueing a regular pedigree  per puppy is 20 Euros and issuing an export pedigree is 35 Euros. Please note that if the breeder applies for an export and a regular pedigree at the same time while filling the litter registration form, they will not pay the additional price of the pedigree. They will only pay the export pedigree price.
Below you can find our bank account details:
The Account Name: Köpek Irkları ve Kinoloji Federasyonu İktisadi İşletmesi
IBAN TR 77 0006 4000 0021 0660 3471 67
Bank Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. Şaşkınbakkal Branch
Account No 1066 - 0347167

The pedigrees will be delivered every two weeks to a specific address in Sofia and will be distributed  by postal service to the breeders.
For any questions, feel free to contact us by email at
Kind regards,

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